TecLED is  Tecmas’s more recent and modern alternative to scroller such as  ROLLTEC SPORT, a product so well known and appreciated in indoor and outdoor stadiums.

TecLED , what a sight!
This new adaptable technology permits to show advertising messages, videos and “real time” animations on wide modular LED screens, in order to attract spectator’s attention to advertise and sponsors.

TecLED, ideal for indoor and outdoor use
TecLED can be used  as perimetral display for  Basket, Volley, Tennis, Football and  Rugby matches or for exhibitions, musical events, convention or whenever a great visual effect is needed.

Thanks to its 6000 nits luminosity, TecLED can be used also in bright sunny days. IP65 frontal protection grants its water and powder resistance

TecLED, made for player’s safety
TecLED frontal screen is made in soft rubber and has an upper stuffed cushion of 5 mm thickness  for player’s safety

TecLED is modular
Each single TecLED sign has lateral joint for fast connection between modules for easy installation, maintenance and transport. Thanks to these joints, different length and outline can be developed according to requirement and spaces at customer’s disposal.

Great visibility
TecLED’s  20 mm real pixel pitch (10 mm virtual pixel pitch thanks to his special software), allows a perfect sight right from 10 mts distance



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