Technical Informations about arenas scroller: Rolltec Sport


  • Provides up to 30 advertising images joined together by ZIP
  • For Indoor and outdoor
  • Running by batteries that permit 10 hours time working without recharge
  • No feeding on field douring the match
  • Eeach module, connected in a serial network by a Master/Slave system, can run either separately or in synchronization or in different groups
  • Permits a fast and easy image’s change whenever needed thanks to ZIP
  • Advertising images can be applied with spray decoration, screen printing or offset printing on Tyvek sheets



With the dedicated software we can:

  • Allows different stops programming for every single image between 5 sec. and 30 min.
  • Provides a report at the end of the match showing display times of each individual sponsor
  • Control each modules only with one PC connected on master
  • Program groups of modules for different numbers of images or stationary time
  • Skip the exposure of certain images


Supporting structures:

  • Each module is equipped with adjustable aluminium legs to get the right angle
  • Possibility to mountings bracket with wheels for easily move modules