Technical Information Revo 360°


  • 9 advertising images with 3 trivision
  • Standard image size: 90x150 H cm, 90x250 H cm
  • Anodized aluminium frame
  • Guarantee safety and easy maintenance due to three opening doors in transparent methacrylate shockproof and scratchproof
  • Rotation of internal platform continuous or in step of 120°


  • Easily programmable trough the digital electronic control
  • Schedule of stationary time and on/off sign
  • Display with built-in keyboard on board
  • Light control by sensor or timer

Supporting Structures:

Supporto Tondo Piedini di sostegno per Revo 360° Altezza 250 cm
Round supporting H 50 cm Without supporting


Choose the number of advertising images you want:

3 Fixed Advertising Images Prismi Rolltec Light

3 fixed advertising images
back or front lit

3 trivisions
with 3 images for total
front lit images
3 Scrollers
with 6 images for total
18 backlit images