Technical Information Prismatec

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  • One 110 W / 220 V motor up to 4x3 mt
  • Possibility to feeding 24 Vdc
  • Self-lubrificating mechanism
  • Load-bearing outer frame in anodized aluminium
  • Stainless steel transmission shaft and components
  • Double safety system: electronic and mechanical with adjustable safety clutch
  • Great sturdiness of all components
  • Durability
  • Total maintenance free operations
  • Practically no running costs
  • Exclusive clamps connection for easy and fast installation
  • Wave effect from center or side
  • Mechanical inspection by the lower frame


  • Exclusive electronic board dedicated
  • Programming stationary time for any face
  • Time on/off sign programmable
  • Simple keyboard integrated for programming and manual mode
  • Preferable face exposed during stop sign


  • Standard:
    •   3x2 mt
    •   4x3 mt
    •   6x3 mt
    • 10x4 mt
    • 14x48 ft
    • 18x6 mt
    • ecc.
  • Designed ad hoc for demanding customers without limits of width or height

For countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Russia, where climatic conditions can be extremely difficult, Tecmas has produced signs with more than 240 sqm surface.

Specials Prismatec:

  • With photovoltaic panels feeding

Prismatec 3x2 mt Photovoltaic  Prismatec 3x2 mt Photovoltaic Prismatec 3x2 mt Photovoltaic

  • With multiline display for communications

    Prismatec 3x2 mt on monopole with Information Display Prismatec 3x2 mt with Informatic Display Prismatec 3x2 mt on TOTEM structure and Information Display

  • With fixed sign

Prismatec 3x2 mt with fixed sign Prismatec 3x2 mt with fixed sign Prismatec 3x2 mt with fixed sign and Display


Our supporting structure:

  • Monopole

Monoface Prismatec 3x2 mt Monopole Biface Prismatec 4x3 mt on Monopole Triface Prismatec 6x3 mt on Monopole Biface Prismatec 4x3 mt on Monopole

  • Double pole

Monoface Prismatec 4x3 mt on double pole Monoface Prismatec 6x3 mt on double poleMonoface Prismatec 6x3 mt on double pole

  • Totem 

Totem Prismatec 3x2 mt Totem Prismatec 3x2 mt

  • On roof and terrace

Prismatec on roof Prismatec on roof Prismatec 14x48 ft in Dubai on roof

  • On wall

Prismatec 3x3 mt on wall - Maldive Prismatec 4x3 mt on wall Prismatec 6x3 mt on wall