Technical Information about Rolltec Light 08


  • Bifacial with double mechanism or one side with fixed image
  • Up to 6 advertising images each side
  • Standard dimension: 120x180 H cm (other on request)
  • Possibility of using paper's posters or fabric canvas
  • Elegant design, square or round shape according to customer specifications
  • Long duration due to anodized aluminium frame
  • Guarantee safety and easy maintenance due to high thickness security glasses
  • Extremely fast advertising’s replacement thanks to connecting ZIP between images
  • Ordinary maintenance free
  • Backlighted with 4 fluerescent tubes for better color rendering


  • Perfect  functionality reliability due to continuous monitoring of scrolling sequence and posters tightness
  • Automatic control on number of settled images
  • Extreme quickness of image change ( 2 sec)
  • Easy and intuitive programming system for stops and working time
  • Backlit control through sensor or timer
  • Manual control for the images replacement
  • No programming terminal required


Supporting structure:

Totem's structure Double pole
Totem Structure Double pole