Revo 360°


The REVOlutionary 360° visual communication system

REVO 360° is Tecmas newborn. Easy to understand from his name, this innovative system permits  a 360° communication vision. Thanks to his cylindrical showcase it is possible to set three advertising spaces on a rotating platform, that permits  to place tridimensional objects recalling the publicity on spaces (as for example bottles, phones, shoes, bags, shirts, etc.)

According to customer requirements, these 3 advertising spaces can be:

3 Fixed Advertising Images Prismi Rolltec Light

3 fixed advertising images
back or front lit

3 trivision
with 3 images for total
front lit images
3 Rolltec Light
with 6 images for total
18 backlit images



REVO 360° represents your indoor (stations, airports, malls, open spaces of public interest) and outdoor (flowerbeds, squares, streets) advertising showcase


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