Production Process

Processo ProduttivoThe entire production process, from product design to shipment, takes place in-house and is followed entirely by TECMAS staff. By using its own organisation and following rigorous,  certified procedures, checks are made at the end of each production phase thereby guaranteeing the total quality of the finished product..




1.  Product Design  Our team of technical staff supported by technologically advanced  3 D CAD organizes both  production and the R&D of new products

2. Stock   An internal,  well-stocked warehouse enables us to meet any urgent customer requirements and permits the rapid consignment of orders.

3. Assembly of parts  In this stage of production TECMAS distinguishes itself from the majority of the competition too. Every single advertising panel, whether it be Rolltec or Prismatec, is completely assembled so that all of its parts are accurately tested to check that everything is in working order.

4. Testing  Once this test has been successfully carried out,  a general test is made using a detailed checklist. The results of this test are then filed and are readily available to the customer on request.

5. Packing   The panels are then dismantled to allow them to be transported. They are packed in strong wooden cases which are made in accordance with very strict regulations. The customer always receives the material in perfect condition even after being at sea for months.

6. Shipment  Our export office ships the goods to the customer by truck, air or seafreight using the type of shipment which is most suitable to the customer’s requirements. It is also able to keep a constant check on the whereabouts of  the goods throughout shipment

In accordance with its concept of fostering a partnership with its customers, TECMAS is able to provide technical assistance on site during installation as well as after-sales assistance. On request, it is also able to train the customer’s staff in its facilities in Modena