Your Out-of-Home advertising media supplier: Trivision and Scroller

Tecmas is a italian designer, manufacturer and seller company of Out-of-Home advertising media like Trivision, Scrolling sign and street furniture.

Trivision and Scroller Indoor

Prismatec Star

Trivision and Scroller Outdoor

Rolltec Light 09 3x2 m


Rolltec Sport

Road Sign

Prismatec uso stradale



Street Furniture

Revo 360°


Tecmas's numbers:

  • 2.400 sqm of modern facility
  •    350 sqm used for office and showroom
  •       52 countries of the world have bought from Tecmas


  • N. 150 Trivision outdoor sign: Prismatec (from 3x2H m to 14x48 ft )
  • N. 120 Scrolling for sport: Rolltec Sport ( equivalent to N. 2 stadiums and N. 2 sport arenas)
  • N. 100 Trivision indoor sign: Prismatec Star (from 40x70H cm to 120x180H cm)
  • N.   60 Backlit Scrolling sign: Rolltec Light 09
  • N.   50 Scrolling for street furniture: Rolltec Light 08


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