Esterno Tecmas

Tecmas was founded in 1979 in Modena, an area of worldwide fame in mechanics and known as “the land of motors”. Initially, it specialized in the production of  large size silkscreen printing machinery of sizes as large as 15 x 5 mt  using a PVC support for backlit advertising panels. Later on, Tecmas developed new products for the advertising market for both indoor and outdoor use.

Storia 1As from 1985 Tecmas has dedicated itself  to designing and manufacturing dynamic systems for visual communication and, today,  is  recognized worldwide for its constant technological innovations, its reliability and  high product quality.

Tecmas can count on a modern and functional facility of more than 2400 sq.m. of which 350 sq.m. are used for offices and a showroom, on its highly qualified personnel and on the latest technical systems and equipment. 

ProduzioneThis organization, which operates under a system of quality control, enables Tecmas to be competitive on the market place  as well as enabling it to give fast and punctual feedback in the consignment of  orders. Tecmas is always searching for new solutions and new markets and through its agents and customers is present all over the world.